Making Your Resolutions Reality Part IV

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So proud of all of you ladies, and a few men if you are reading this too, for accomplishing steps 1-3. You have created your resolutions, branded into your memory by constantly viewing it and have set before you action steps to see it become reality. 

This is a vital component in order for your first three  steps to go smoothly and to last. 

Are you ready for it….
Maybe you should sit down since this is where some magic happens! I am about to hit you with the double AA for you learned the first one last week. Actions. But I want to extremely urge you to not just be a single A goal-maker but raise the bar. Double or Nothing.

Actions are reinforced by your Attitude.


It is all in your Attitude.

Your ability to perform your actions…giving 100% relies on how you view your situation. It is your choice what attitude you bring to your intentions every single day. You determine your success in persevering with your action steps.

Your attitude is so significant that I wish you could see my arms stretched wide, showing you how it ENGULFS your dreams, goals, your post-it notes and your actions. It ties it all together.

Without an attitude that is indicative of a Life Embraced, you might as well accept the fact that making your resolutions become reality is an uphill battle. What you choose to carry along with you is up to you. Negative thoughts, anger, disappointments, inability to see your self-worth, doubt, fear and so many other destructive attitudes will weigh you down…so much in fact that climbing your hill to accomplish your resolution is with increase difficulty. Each negative attitude is like a 5lb stone that you have to pack on your back…how much added weight are you willing to carry? How much of it will ultimately lead to you turning around and heading back down into your old lifestyles while your resolutions and dreams sit high up on that hill our of reach? Forget the stones of doubt. Throw away the rocks of shame and negativity. You can achieve your resolutions. You can be a AA climber by throwing out the rocks and instead packing to reach the summit.

What do you pack to allow your actions to be as successful as possible? Added weight will only create a fatigue and discouragement. Here are my five necessities needed to achieve my goals and to create a lifestyle through my daily intentions of reaching those goals.



      Grateful heart

      Positive Spirit




These five necessities will sustain me as I climb, provide my weakened and tired body with subsistence required to reach the top! I It is the constant companion to my actions that I need to take with me. 

Grateful Heart :

Each day as I head outside to run I need be grateful for a body that can move. Muscles that take in the oxygen properly. A body that adapts as I train it so it can endure longer strides.

Positive Spirit:

No one else can create this for me but myself. I view working out a chance to be selfish for a a short amount of time in. It is in the moments when I run that I can feel most alive, centred and have clarity on who I want to be as I run and more importantly after I run.


Running is Fun!!! It gets me outside, active and on my way to the fittest body I can get!


I maintain hope that I can one day run 20 minutes without breaking a sweat and can get 2 miles done in this time limit.


I will not let myself “beat up” myself. I will maintain the course and will see my resolutions become reality.

So wonderful, healthy and goal-focused friends; don’t settle for just the action but instead focus on your attitude that will shape how often you perform your actions. You have the capacity to reach your goals, see your dreams come true so discard the rocks…in fact don’t even pick them up to see how much they weigh. Choose to nourish your soul with positive thinking and encouragement. The five necessities will make you more light so you can reach the top. The choice is up to you!



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  1. thanks for share!

  2. it’s really interesting to read this post, i read it completely now i interested to know more about it so hope you may add more information in your next post. i will enjoy that too.

    • A friend reererfd me to your site. Isn’t it great how i have never met you but you have been able to teach me so much. My mom taught me a lot about the grattitude stuff when i was little. I was doing that but i didnt know why ..when i watched the science of getting rich it started to make sense. thank you for putting the site together and i look forward to more updates. i have sent an email to all of my contacts directing them to this site. thx you are awesome.

      • This is absolutely wonderful to hear and thank you so much for commenting! This made my day and I hope you do continue to keep reading and being grateful is key to embracing wellbeing.

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