Afternoon Refresh Juice

I am so excited to write my first blog post in over a year. The truth is that blogging can be very vulnerable, if you choose to write from the heart and since my friends refer to me as a "bleeding heart" my blog became another outlet for that. I had to take a step back and not have so much going on in my life and unfortunately blogging was one aspect I cut. There is no shame in saying no, even when it is to your passion and purpose. There is a time for everything. The time to blog and share recipes, inspiration and truth is now and I couldn't be more thrilled.

In the year since I have written, I have continued to build my wellness business online and in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. I remain working as a RN because honestly you can't start IV's on health coaching clients or get to see the joy of new mom's when they first hold their precious babe and I adore both of these things. So I continue to do both passions but I know my future will be more with Embrace Wellbeing. 

As summer time finally approaches in Calgary, people are flooding the outdoors and patios. It is hard to stay focused mid day when all you want to do is go play in the sun. I know that I am not the only one with the kid like attitude. I am a huge smoothie and juice fan because I love sipping on my nutrients and find that being healthy is really simple when you can combine, blend and enjoy.

This juice that I am sharing with you is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up that is refreshing and replaces that need for caffeine.

I love how energized I feel with just a few sips. I also don't feel the need to grab a sweet or two because the tartness satisfies and take care of that craving. 

Remember that juice oxidizes very fast and within 10 minutes most of the nutrients are changed due to exposure to oxygen. Drink this juice right away or store it in a tightly sealed container (try a mason jar). Enjoy!

Afternoon Refresh Juice


1/2 organic cucumber

3 organic stalks of celery

1/2 organic apple

1 lemon

1/2 organic yellow beet


Juice all the above ingredients and enjoy immediately over ice!