Do you want to look fabulous, feel healthy & be slim this holiday season? Join this group challenge and get healthy BEFORE the holidays. Don’t wait until after the new year to look and feel great, The Redefined Body Nutrition Program will teach you how to be healthy & slim while still enjoying the yummy foods the holiday season has to offer.

You’ll learn a practical approach to proper nutrition while you connect with a group of like-minded ladies cheering you on. You’ll also learn how to choose healthy options at Christmas & New Year celebrations.

Additional benefits include building your immune system, getting rid of cravings, stabilizing your mood and getting the beautiful, glowing complexion you want.

Your Prep Week Content will be released on Monday November 1 and the full 28 day program will begin Monday, November 6th.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get healthy & slim for good.





28-Day Individual Program

Want to do this on by your own schedule, that fits into your life and timeline…no problem! I’ve created an individual program for those ladies out there that want to complete the 28-day program on their own time.

Register anytime – you choose the dates! Your 28-day program will start two Sundays after you register to allow for shipping of your smoothies and bars. You’ll get your login details with-in 3 days of registering and have access to the Prep Week content and goodies.

And, just because it’s an individual program doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone. You’ll still have access to the Hot Body Nutrition private Facebook forum to connect with other participants and alumni as much as you’d like.

Register NOW!





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