Insert a smoothie/shake into your diet where a meal would be and give your cells a little love.

Did you know.....

Every cell in your body communicates through nutrients. This program is designed to give your body optimal nutrients so your cells work better because they can talk.

I know all the women out there know the importance of good communication :)

Relationships you have with your spouse, siblings and friends are incredibly successful with honest and open lines of communication.

You are in a relationship with your body and nutrients are the essential for this good communication. 


Benefits for having a Shake-A-Day

Each day you will spend less on your shake than you would a Starbucks latte and banana loaf AND you can receive all these amazing health benefits:

Build up your immune system

Increase your energy

Stabilize blood sugars

Cleanse your organs and digestive system

Feel great and be more confident in your skinny jeans :)

Focus on adding in more of the good into your life. Good nutrition, good feelings, good energy and good motivation.

Did I mention feeling great, beautiful, confident, radiant and showing the world that you are here to make a difference?

The five minutes you prepare your shake may be the only five minutes of your day that you get to focus on you.

Invest in yourself

The basis of the program is exactly in it's name. Shake-A-Day.

Swap any meal for a shake/smoothie.

Give your body what it is craving...nutrients through whole foods and cellular nutrition! 

Shake-A-Day is:

Low glycemic


Based on the science of macronutrients,

micronutrients & cellular health

I am combining all my learning through my nutrition health coaching schooling, nursing career and personal journey to optimal health in a simple, adaptable program for you!




You have so much VALUE!

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you cherishing yourself?

Maybe you have forgotten so let me remind you, you are precious and this world needs you to be your best. Choice this program because it encourages you and gives you simple steps to be just that...your best self.

I have been taking supplements & shakes for almost a year now, and it has really changed my viewpoint on health and opened my eyes to see what optimal health really is! I now realize it’s importance, not only for me but my kids and the example I need to set for them. I started to notice all around improved health: more energy, better skin, reduced cravings (of the bad stuff), not to mention I have not been sick once besides a virus that went through our whole family. This has changed everything!!’
— Tiffany, 27 year old mom of 3

Program Details:

(What you are getting)

  • 30 day smoothie recipe & guide (smoothies included are for weight loss, detox, energy, increase metabolism and even a few beautiful skin creations) 

    Sneak peak into your recipes! This is one of my favs!

  • #1 Rated Multivitamin in North America

  • #1 Rated Fish Oil in North America

  • Low glycemic & gluten free smoothies (enough for 45 days of read that correctly you get enough for 45 days not just 30!)

  • Weekly grocery list

  • Daily food guide so you know what and why your are sipping those delicious smoothies Exclusive access to an online group with motivation, tips and tricks to get the most out of your Shake-A-Day Nutrition Program

  • All content is emailed to you on a daily basis; no need to go any further than your computer and grocery store.

  • Start the program with a goal setting template so you can see what you want to change and what you want to develop in the next

    30 days. ( I am a HUGE believer in goal-setting and intentional living and this program reinforces that practice for you in a simple way.)

The habits you learn will be simple and positive.

These habits will create the results you crave!

TONS of Bonuses

  • What your cells need every single day

  • How to curb your carb cravings

  • The breakdown of how to fit in your skinny jeans

  • 5 day meal plan for a flat belly

  • Why combining certain foods gives you better results

  • My personal fav; the foundation of cellular nutrition; why we are malnourished in an over

    fed society.


The cost of the program is $186

Fall Registration ends October 28. Program Starts November 4. Individual Registration is open at anytime.

*Limited Spots Available*

The only decision you have to make after you register for Shake-A-Day is what smoothie will be your favorite?

Every morning I’m taking some ‘me time’ and make myself a shake. ‘Me time’ is a rare thing in this house with three little boys from 0-4 years old!
Changes I’ve noticed are less cravings and more energy. I also visit the bathroom more often….
I’m feeling great.
Besides my daily bike ride, this challenge is something I’m really doing for myself. I am recovering from post partum depression after my second son was born.
‘Me time’ is the most important thing at the moment, and I’m enjoying the shake- a- day challenge !!!
— Marieke, mother of 3 boys under 4 years old.
  To register click this link    

  To register click this link 


I energy level I had in the morning was incredible when I just switched my shake for my usual Starbucks coffee and treat. I realized I didn’t need to treat myself with food that wasn’t going to get me to be my best. Having a shake is my treat now!
— Meghan, dance instructor
I have more energy and more joy. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I also have lost 16 lbs!!
— Natalie, RN & busy mom of twins